One Power and Smooth Change

I have decided to explore both movements on the same page as they have similar working positions and functions. The One Power is one of the advanced forms of the Calf Movements Series and is executed from a unique position I call the Ball Touch. (This is the #1 figure illustrated.) This working position allows the execution of the calf movement on one side at a time and because of this isolative property it is categorized as a therapeutic movement. In the Ball Touch the weight of the body is supported and balanced on one leg while the other leg acts as a training wheel, heel high in the air with the ball of the foot just touching the ground. The One Power is executed keeping the weight of the body on the supporting leg and then slightly shifting your weight forward lifting the heel of the supporting leg high off the floor. Lower the heel of the supporting leg with control. Repeat this movement as many times as needed. You may hold on to the back of a chair or a wall when starting out with these movements. These movements will improve balance, coordination and posture in general and strengthen the joints of your feet, ankles and knees.

The Smooth Change Movement was developed long before the One Power and its primary function is to strengthen the feet and ankles thus improving balance, coordination and posture. Smooth change execution: Like the One Power this movement is also initiated from the Ball-touch working position. Lift the heel of the supporting leg off the floor bringing it level with the other. Lower the opposite heel to the floor. Repeat this alternating action 50 to 100 times. The benefits of this movement are the same as for the One Power just more fun.
© Arthur Bodie 2015