The Movements

Hamstring release movements

Our immediate attention should be drawn to the figures, HTM #12, the Neglect Series in which the gastrocnemius muscle playes a small part. Shown here are two out of four working positions: 1) Neglect basic working position: Your thighs should be held together tightly. One foot is back on point, knees lined up at the same level, hip and abdominal muscles are contracted. 2) Neglect knees working position: Everything works the same as for the Neglect basic and the same corrections apply. The difference here is that you are on your knees. Some students find it easier and more comfortable to execute this movement from this working position. It should also be noted that the hamstring muscles in back of the thighs are made to work much harder in this working position. Execution: This is simply the lifting of the pointed foot off the floor as high as you can, then letting it down again. Repeat 50 to 100 times on each side. Follow up with one of the leg extensions or other opposing release position movements. NOTES: When executing this movement there is a tendancy to arch the lower back. This should be avoided by relaxing the knee of the supporting leg and pulling in and holding your belly tight for the duration. Your balance, coordination and posture is put to the test with this movement so if you should feel a little unsure of yourself when you first start you may hold on to the back of a chair or something for support until you become more comfortable with the movement.