The Movements

The Bodie Press

The bodie press is composed of three basic position/movements. The regular execution of these movements will greatly improve the overall coordination of the body, will strengthen the knees,shoulders, elbow and wrists joints, will define and strentghen muscles of the abdomen, thighs,chest, back, shoulde, arms and fore -arms.

The Bodie Press Execution: (a) Position yourself as illustrated, on your knees toes flexed, thighs and arms vertical to the floor. Palms flat on the floor, pull in tummy and keep the spine straight. (b) Straigthen your legs as shown by the image Rectus Femoris Muscle; keeping the body weight on the arms. (c) Bend your elbows keeping them close to the body and lower your head as close to the floor as you can, then reverse the whole process by straigthening the elbows which will bring you back to position (b) next bend the knees and lower yourself back to starting position (a). Repeat 5 to 10 times slowly and 10 to 20 times faster.
The Bodie Press Variation Execution: This variation is done by simply alternating between position (c) and position (b) 4 to 8 times before going back to the starting position.