The Movements

The Reverse Calf Series

As with all fitness programs using the Bodie Method you should always work with opposing muscle groups. (There are rare exeptions which will be mentioned throughout this exploration). In this case, after Les Mollets you will want to work with the Reverse Calf Movements (illustrated on this page). Position options are sitting, standing and lying down. It can be done just about anywhere, any time and will strenghten the joints of your ankles and feet and stabilize the front of the ankles.

Reverse Calf Execution: This is done by simply lifting your toes as high from the floor as you can, lower then repeate 50 to 100 times. NOTE: While executing this movement be sure to keep the weight of your body on the heels.

Names of the positions in this series (Illustrated above): 1) Basic Figure, 2) Standing Anatomik Working Position, 3) Alternative, (NOTE: This alternative movement can be applied to any of the working positions in the series) 4) Sitting, and 5) Back-Down Working Position. Learn more.