The Muscles

Walking, running, jumping muscles

This group of muscles are directly responsible for lifting your heels from the floor and are the first called into action as we move into Working Position #2 of the Balance Series (read more in Working Position #1). 1)The tibialis posterior muscle stabilizes the ankle on the inside of the joint and also helps to support the arches of your feet. 2) The gastrocnemius muscle has two heads: one on the back and outside of the knees; the other on the back and inside of the knees. It is the most superficial and powerful of the calf muscles. Not only does it lift your heels off the floor but also flexes your legs on your thighs as when executing any of the Neglect Movements and plays an important role in stabilizing the knee and ankle joints from the back. 3) The soleus Muscle lifts the heels from the floor as when executing Les Mollets.

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