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The Positions

Working Position #2

The working Position #2 is a relatively relaxed movement as none of the joints in your body should be locked at this point, even the feet and ankles that are doing most of the work thats keeping your body balanced is in what I call the "loose tension position" which allows solid but mobile support and is the ideal state for joint stability , muscle strength and development. This is also the end of the line position of your feet and ankles during the execution of the calf movements series from my method called Les Mollets. Should you feel weak and unsteady in your feet and ankles when executing this movement, I suggest that you strengthen these parts of your Anatomy by practising the Smooth Change movement for a while. This Part of the balance series will strengthen the knees, ankle and joints of the feet, strengthen and improve the arch of the feet which gives relief in the case of flat feet and impart definition to the back of your legs. It is from here that the real hard work begin and so as not to slow yourself down in learning these movements I recommend working with the modified and therapeutic version of the balance series here