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The Positions

Working Position #3

Having successfully studied learned and mastered Working position #1 and working position #2 the quest for more has brought you here to working position #3. The control needed to continue is magnified in scope as you will be using more parts of your body at the same time. Execution: From working position #2 lower yourself by bending your knees, directing them forward and downward simultaneously. Your back should be held as straight as possible. There is a Free fall point half way between working positions #2 and #3 where it will feel like your knees are buckling under you, not to worry it is just the point where the rectus muscles passes the burden on to the vastus muscle group with pratcise and by keeping all of the muscles in front of the thighs contracted this transition will no longer be so visible. There are cases due to pathological disorders when it will be necessary to move from this working position straight into working position #6 and continue the series from there.

This Working position of the Basic Balance Movement Series strenghtens the knees in front. Strenghtens your feet, ankle and hip joints. Difines muscles in front of thighs and back of legs.