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The Positions

Working Position #4

To your left Working position #4. At this point there is more releasing going on than anything else. Good release for ligaments and muscles of the thighs,knees, calfs and feet.

Working Position #5

To your right is Working position #5. Transition into this working position from the Working position #4 is attained as follows: 1/ Pull your upper body forward from the hip joint this action will bring your abdomen and chest in close contact with your thighs. 2/ Simultaneously wrap your arms around your legs just below the knees and lower your heels to the floor. Should you experience any difficulty in executing this transistion I suggest you Relax your calf muscles and ankle joints by working with the Hamstring Release Movements. In some cases you will want to skip working position #5 and make the transistion directly into working position #6.