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The Positions

Working Position #6

On the left is Working position #6. In certain cases there are times when we will need to jump here from working position #3 or Working position #4 because of physiological disabilities as in knee replacements which often limits the normally allowed range of movement in the knee joint. Transitions: 1/ From Working position #3 pull in your belly and lean forward from the hip until you can just touch the floor with your finger tips (You are still balanced on your feet). From here you will make the transition to Working position #7 by simultaneously putting the heels down, straightening the thighs and legs until they are right angles to each other and pulling the chest and abdomen onto the thighs. The same actions apply when transiting from Working position #4.

Working Position #7

When we combine Working position #7 with Working position #8 they form the Basic Hamstring Release Movement.