A little something about me

You might say that I was destined to work with and train the human body because as far back as I can remember it has always fascinated me.

All my life has been dedicated to learning how the body works and why it works the way that it does. While still in my teens I had dreams of becoming a medical researcher. This was not possible as my Parents did not have the means to provide that kind of schooling. Looking back from my present place in life with all of life's experiences that have brought me here, I know now that everything happened for the best.

I did not go to medical school but I studied the same books that medical students did and went even farther in my understanding of the human body in motion through practical application. I developed exercises based on detailed study of muscle/bone attachments, which has allowed me to analyze weaknesses and strengths in specific muscle groups and even parts of muscles that cause dangerous imbalances. Bodies are not static.

This study informs a detailed approach in the way that any change in body position will change the way the muscle will act. I spent most of my life dancing. In dance school for eight years, starting classes around the same time I started my medical studies and experiments.

I was around 15 years old when I first started dance school, took Ballet, Theater, Tap and Jazz dance, for 8 years before auditioning and being hired in 1975 for my first professional job as a dancer. I studied Russian ballet, Modern Jazz and Character dance for about a year and a half in Hollywood, California.

I moved to Las Vegas in 1978, auditioned in every Hotel Casino on the Strip. Nothing. There were no black dancers in the Vegas shows at that time. Finally I called the MGM Grand Hotel Casino and asked for an audition. They agreed and invited me to come and watch the show "Hello Hollywood Hello". I was auditioned between shows. They liked me, but no black dancers as yet. I received a call almost a year later in 1979. They had built an even bigger MGM Grand in Reno, Nevada and had decided to put blacks in it. I became one of only nine black dancers to perform in a show like this which was the biggest stage in the world at the time.

I did it for almost a year then went to Santa Cruz, California where, for the first time, I started teaching Anatomik Jazz Dance and Tonercise, my own dance style and fitness method. I rented a space at the Santa Cruz Ballet and also taught at Ruth's Dance Studio. Then I got restless. I still had the stage bug so I called the MGM and asked for my job back. I got it and stayed on until I left Reno in 1982 for Europe.

I did not intend to stay there but it turned out to be a 22-year long trip during which time I had taught all over France, Spain and even directed my own Dance and Fitness School in Ajaccio, Corsica for over 10 years. In the meantime I had not ceased my studies around the human body and even wrote two books on the subject it took a while but the Bodie method of physical well being was born and is here to stay.

I am available for Personal Corrective Consultation. I offer you a lifetime of study and practical application experience working with the human body.

© Arthur Bodie 2011